Distinguished Young Women participants come from all walks of life, but they have one thing in common: the desire to succeed. Below are the Distinguished Young Women of Nebraska participants for the Class of 2021.

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Rachel Osantowski

Broken Bow At-Large

City: Omaha

College Preference: Attend and graduate from a 4-year college

Career Goals: To be a happy, successful, employable adult!

Talent: Lyrical Dance (Lullaby, by Sleeping At Last)

Morgan Rutledge

Broken Bow At-Large

City: Chadron

College Preference: undecided

Career Goals: Movement/dance therapy or nursing

Talent: contemporary dance 

Shelby Chesnut

Lincoln At-Large

City: Lincoln

College Preference: Undecided

Career Goals: History Education

Talent: Dramatic Reading (O Captain, My Captain, by Walt Whitman)

Machaela Freeman

Lincoln At-Large

City: Milford

College Preference: University of South Dakota

Career Goals: Journalist/Artist

Talent: Singing  (One and Only, by Adele)

Bryce Melis

Omaha At-Large

City: Bennington

College Preference: Any 4-year College

Career Goals: Health Sciences

Talent: Singing and Playing Ukulele (Someone Like You, by Adele)

Phoebe Kolb

Omaha At-Large

City: Milford

College Preference: Colorado Christian University

Career Goals: Study ancient history and never stop learning!

Talent: Pointe (Act I Pizzicato Variation, by Daniela Andrade with choreography by Emily Maldavs)

Haley Hanak

Omaha At-Large

City: Shelby

College Preference: Wesleyan University or Wayne State University

Career Goals: Teach Middle School Choir

Talent: Oral Interpretation of Poetry (Domestic Situation, by Ernest Hilbert)

Mariah Igwenma

Omaha At-Large

City: Omaha

College Preference: Texas Christian University

Career Goals: Clinical Child Psychologist

Talent: Jazz Dance  (“Skin & Bones”, by David J. Roch )

Jessica Brown

Omaha At-Large

City: Bennington

College Preference: University of Nebraska Lincoln

Career Goals: Veterinarian or Radiologist

Talent: Lyrical dance (Love Myself, by Blake McGrath)

Anusha Deshpande

Virtual At-Large

City: Omaha

College Preference: Columbia University

Career Goals: OB/GYN

Talent: Instrumental 

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